Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disappointing Spanish Chorizo Stuffed Quail

Last week, I took dinner in downtown Greenville SC with my manager while I was in town visiting the corporate mother ship.  The restaurant was called "Green", locally in what used to be the Paris Cafe on Main Street, had a "special" that wasn't on the menu:  Spanish Chorizo Stuffed Quail.  This had both the word Chorizo and Quail, and I was instantly sold.  30 minutes later, the waitress brought out a plate of rice with two tiny quail that had been cooked to a dryness that bordered on tasteless.  These quail were so tiny, that they each could have easily fit INSIDE a tennis ball without much effort.  Would there be a golf ball sized chunk of chorizo inside, to dilute my disappointment and spice up these otherwise over-baked birds?  Sadly, I was only able to locate a small chunk of chorizo, about the size of a thumb nail inside of each bird, which rapidly got lost in the plate of wild rice - we took dinner out on a sidewalk table during the setting sun with diminished light. 

After having guinea fowl (pintarde - a member of the pheasant family) on Air France back in March, and seeing many a quail in Arizona running around wild in the DBG and in parks, I was looking forward to a tasty bird the size of my fist, stuffed with some of the worlds tastiest sausage.  Instead, I had to fight with what were the "Buffalo Wing" equivalent sized, tiny little infant quail (or maybe they were sparrows?) with nearly absentee chorizo.  Oh well.  I miss Paris Cafe more and more.

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