Monday, April 4, 2011

Sad to See Borders Go

The Borders Book Store, which is within walking distance of my home, is closing its doors as the corporation has filed for bankruptcy.  Everything in the store is 60% off... so picked up 10 books (several of them hard backs) for less than $80.  This was the store where I'd bought many books previously...  Christmas gifts for relatives...  Christmas cards out-of-season.... Calendars.... CDs... and the occasional Seattle's Best coffee.  I will miss my local book store.  And all those Borders Points Dr Desert Flower and I accumulated...  are for naught.

A physical, solid book, is tangible, real, transferable - if I want to give it to someone else to read, I legally can.  I don't have to "turn it to off" during take offs and landings - and in fact, I Blatantly read it during air plane taxi, take off, and landing, getting several chapters in during this otherwise wasted time.  I am not "anti iBook" or "anti Kindle" ... I am definitely pro "Nooky" =)  (Nook-e?)...I just enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands, and the inability of an airline militant to prevent me from reading it while their aircraft laboriously lumbers towards the end of the runway. 

The Stokes Bird book helped me to identify the family of Towhees who have built a nest in one of my pool adjacent palm trees - AND it has a bird call CD in the inside cover. (more on that later)

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