Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Snap Dragons

Dr Desert Flower loves snap dragons.  She planted them around the mailbox and drive way in South Carolina and has potted there here in Arizona.  The hummingbirds love them too, and fight over who gets to drink from them.  Notice how the pillar to the south shades and protects the snap dragons from the brutal noon time sun, and how they're thriving in the morning and evening solar angles. 

As it'll be 95F here today, we'll see how long into late April and May these make it.  I think by Memorial Day, they'll probably be crispy toast, but il faut voir.  We shall see.

Petunias that self-seeded last year have begun to sprout up around the Spanish Lavender poolside that the bees still find irresistible.  Come June, the Petunias fry in the mid day sun, and will need to once again be pulled out before they blow into the pool. 

It's a constant balance here between water, sunlight, scorching, and healthy growth.  This summer it will be 4 years since we began the AZ learning curve on gardening... man, 4 years already...

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