Monday, April 18, 2011

Have Yoga Mat, Will Travel

I have to go on a long business trip next month, and I've looked ahead to see if the hotel where I'll be staying has yoga mats available.  They do, but the more I think about it, the more I want to just take my own mat.  My company will pay for my checked luggage, and the larger suitcase I have accommodates my rolled yoga mat nicely, so space is not a concern.  What is more on my mind is "where else has that yoga mat been?"

I KNOW where my mat has been.  I know when the last time it was cleaned, and how it was cleaned.  I know who has been sitting and standing on it, and where it's been laid out.  I also know I like to do yoga in warm climates wearing shorts, which exposes the majority of skin on my legs (since when I wear shorts, they are actually shorts, and not these ridiculous long baggy Capri pants that go to mid shin that so many boys have a proclivity for now a days).  Do I really want my legs and the back of my head to press to a public yoga mat that has been rolled out on dirty public floors, sweated on by various hotel patrons, some of whom do not use deodorant or antiperspirant?  Do I really want to sponsor millions or billions of bacteria in a cultural exchange program wherein they could become cozy with my pores, sweat glands, and blood stream?  No, not really.  So I will take my own yoga mat, and use a folded sheet between mat and floor to decrease resultant cross contamination, and not worry about what or who or where has affected the mat previously.  When I bring the mat home, I'll have a large black plastic garbage bag in my luggage in which to encase the rolled up mat, and wash it fastidiously after getting home, once again.

It might be a little bit paranoid, anal retentive, or futile - some cross contamination will be inevitable - but it'll make me feel better.  =)

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