Monday, April 4, 2011

A Box Of Hair

I groomed the cat Saturday, for about 2 hours.  She loves the attention, and being a hybrid mix of long and short hair breeds, she has no shortage of hair.  I am also intensely allergic to the hair, so I wear long sleeves, gloves, and a surgical face mask to keep from inhaling hair or dander.  I put an old sheet down (in this case, a twin bed mattress cover sheet) in the middle of the living room floor, and watched 5 DVR'ed episodes of Colbert during the process of grooming.

The amount of hair I removed from her, I could have almost made another cat.  But what to do with so much hair?  An old tissue box does the trick.  With a gloved hand, you can put the clumps of groomed hair INTO the box, and the rubberized opening "wipes" the glove nearly free of hair upon withdrawing your hand.  the hair accumulates in the box, and is easily tossed away.  It works quite well.  Give it a try, if you are beleaguered by pet hair.

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  1. you had posted this very useful tip before and i must say it is brilliant! well, you have seen the fuzz buckets that i have - so brushing is quite the collection as well. this way i don't have to mind the cat that likes to eat fur.


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