Monday, April 4, 2011

That's Some Kielbasa!

I picked up about 2 lbs of fresh smoked kielbasa (kielbasa surowa wedzona) a Warsaw Village World Foods last week, and grilled them up to get them nice and warm along with onions and mushrooms.   My goodness, that was some delicious Polish sausage!

The size of plantains, a foot long each, and incredibly tasty.  I am not sure if WVWF gets their kielbasa from Chicago or New York or if they make it locally, but it is tasty.  Good off the grill. Good when heated up (in small slices) with duck eggs.  Good with sauces or without sauces. 

I cannot over-state my supreme disappointment when I've ordered "polish sausage" in the O'Hare airport United terminal, only to get a sad, pathetic excuse for a hot dog sliced in half and fried on a flat electric grill by a very poorly paid temporary worker.  "That's no sausage" I thought, and after eating the slightly exaggerated hot-dog, I bought some food court Chinese (sans noodle or rice).  WVWF KNOWS how to do sausage.

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