Sunday, April 17, 2011

Niños Inútil, Patético

The pathetic little teenage boys here in Western Phoenix continue to waste their time trying to mark their territory.  Little trademark signatures with umlauts that have 3 dots instead of two. Curbs, light poles, drainage canals, sign posts, all marked in a an ineffective attempt to exert control over their surroundings as they continue to live in their parent's homes.  Once you become a property owner, and are a stake holder in your community, you stop pissing on everything publicly to try and mark a territory that you know you do not own - and can never own.

The city of Phoenix, AZDOT, and some home-owners associations are doing a pretty good job at keeping such miscreant tagging under-control, but I have taken a liking to spending a few hours each Sunday morning going around and obliterating all the hard work that these baggy pants wearing, spray paint carrying, poorly raised, undisciplined, absentee parented, sad little children have attempted to mark and advertise their personal brands on public spaces. My earlier work (2 weeks ago here and 4 months ago here) has not been retagged. I saw signs of the government graffiti task force having covered a few easier-to-reach spots, but I still have an abundance of extra house paint, so I assisted them a little more this morning. "Coop", "Relax", "MGK", "Danoie Zolof", "Bezodsel" and many others were each reduced to a beige land scape, proving their irrelevancy to the neighborhood, to society, and in life in general. 

Google Blogger's picture editor sucks, so I am unable to move and align photos as I used to, with EVERY image automatically trying to put in a caption, or align itself left or right... if any readers have better suggestions about ways to easily improve image alignments, I am all ears.   

If I had better skills at HTML editing, I could probably wade through the array of < and > and / and; and "quotes" but I am rather HTML illiterate. 

Suffice it to say, if you are on the Western Edge of the Maryvale District in Western Phoenix, you're wasting your time trying to tag my neighborhood, little boys.  I noticed that I actually found it enjoyable to obliterate each "proud signature", and I got a good work out as well, since the morning temperatures were already climbing into the 80s and 90s, and by the time I got home 3 hours later, and a gallon of paint shorter, I was once again under 200 lbs again... so it's a good weight loss and sweat producing work out program as well.  =)  4 humanely raised eggs (scrambled), organic mushrooms and sweet onions pan fried, with 4 large 12 oz glasses of organic sugar free lemonade from my back yard, and that 199 was a temporary low blip, don't worry.  LOL!
 There were several LARGE fie ant mounds that I gave a wide berth to.  I can only hope that the little miscreants didn't see the mounds at night, and got these ferocious little insects crawling up inside their baggy pants and outer-under-wear.  Now That's a video I would have loved to have captured!

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