Friday, April 15, 2011

Cats Can't Wear Diapers

Sadly, cats can't wear diapers, but "puppy pads" which are identical to lab absorbent pads, but much cheaper when bought in bulk from big box pet stores like PETCO, help to keep the mess from an elderly feline who can't seem to make it into the litter box as often anymore.

The puppy pads make clean up much quicker and less nasty.  Cat urine that has run UNDER a litter box is one of my least favorite things in the whole world that can happen in my home. 

I think our elderly cat's health's downward spiral is increasing.  Her confused and painful yelping is obscuring multiple conference calls each morning.  She's missing the litter box more and more.  When this is no longer puppy pad contained...  we're gonna have to have some serious discussions about end of life pet care....  =(

And no.. it is not just a "dirty litter box"  .. that box was fastidiously cleaned just 12 hours earlier... as it is garbage day today, and I never pass up a chance to get nasty litter into the trash.

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