Friday, April 22, 2011

McCain Learns Arabic In One Day!

John "get off my lawn / immigration fence" McCain, my state's senior U.S. senator, has apparently learned how to speak nuanced Arabic in one day, studied Libyan culture and ethnic tribal groups (perhaps on the flight over?), and has come to the informed conclusion, that the rebels fighting against the oppressive Qaddafi regime are "Not Al Qaeda" (link here).  Bravo John McCain!   I thought I was good with languages and understanding other cultures, but your quick study and astute observations, to come to such a strong and resounding conclusion, even calling your nation's government to acknowledge the rebels as the legitimate government of Libya, your broadly publicized statements put my meager abilities to shame.  I'd never be able to conclude that a non-heterogeneous population of tribal peoples who have a hatred of imperial western powers, speaking various dialects I could not understand, who were enthusiastically welcoming me with jubilation, had any hidden agendas whatsoever in the space of meeting them for less than one day.

Yes, Qaddafi is an evil man, a very bad guy, who has overtly killed and tortured thousands of his own people, paid terrorists to attack his enemies (the US included), supplied more suicide bombers and insurgents to Iraq than any other single nation (mostly from the... um...   East of Libya). Links here (2008), here (wiki leak via Telegraph), and here, explain.

Hmmm... maybe McCain will flip flop on this one, as he has on so many other things (link here).

I wonder if he's gonna pick up any Burber rugs while he is there, for his friend Lindsey Graham (link here).  Lindsey is an astute observer of foreign affairs who comes to sound conclusions ("I bought 5 rugs today for 5 bucks!"), or his fellow party member Mike "Iraq is like an Indiana Market in the Summer Time" Pence.

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  1. And can't he see Russia from his front porch?


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