Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfectly Pretty Lake Pleasant Picturesque Picnic

Dr Desert Flower and I packed a picnic basket (White Bordeaux, Crow's Dairy Butter Pecan feta, sliced organic cucumbers, organic baby carrots, Fresh & Easy hummus, gluten free flat bread, chocolate covered almonds) and drove the convertible up to Lake Pleasant.
 If you're headed to Lake Pleasant on a holiday or weekend, avoid the South entrance, where it resembles the Memorial Day in-field at the Indy 500.   There was a light wind, a cloudless day, lots of desert wild flowers blooming.  At one point, Dr Desert Flower spotted a wild burro grazing in a nearby canyon.  Lake Pleasant County Park has herds of wild burros - so watch where you step =)


  1. Nice action photo in the car! New convertible seems to be working out well :-)

  2. It is a very cool car, and suits the good Doctor nicely.


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