Sunday, April 3, 2011

How I Spent My Sunday Morning

Last January, I mentioned my disgust for the pathetic little taggers in my neighborhood.  It took them 2 and a 1/2 months to re-tag what I painted over.  So I spent 3 hours this morning, when the weather was still in the 70s (it hit 100F here last Thursday, for the first time this year), to cover up about 4 miles worth of pathetic little boys' attempts to "mark their territory". No, go piss in your own yard boys.  And learn some penmanship and spelling while you're at it... oh wait.. that would be a marketable skill!  Can't have that in the sad little world in which these little miscreants live. 

I have to admit, after I covered the 3rd and 4th hapless attempts by these little piss-ants to "own" part of the public landscape, I began to enjoy it.  Too bad I only had a 1/3 of a partially used gallon of old house paint - all the houses in Phoenix are painted "dirt" colors, so it is universally applicable to paint curbs, concrete, et al when obliterating all the "hard work" of these sad little children.   "Gang signs" - whatever.  Again, piss in your own yard, irrelevant ones.  I'll not be further annoyed by your "plumage"around my part of the city.

There were several areas I could not cover, as I ran out of paint.  I wrote the Graffiti Buster's hotline to address those.  I just figure with city budget cuts, it'll be a long time before they get around to it, if at all.

I was concerned that some sad little tagger would call his homies, or his es-says (sp?), and they'd try to "pop a cap in my ass" with some sad little 22 (their hands are too weak to hold a real gun), so the next time I go out painting, I might have to take my friend Glock with me... but as it turns out, all the wanna be gangstas are sleeping on Sunday mornings, hung over after drinking their cheap beer and rot gut liquor, waking up next to their ugly ho girl friends.  A much bigger problem, are massive ant colonies, who love to live on the side of the road around light poles and drainage canals, and if you're not careful, they'll try to bite and sting your feel and legs while you're covering graffiti!  LOL!

I covered 91st Avenue, McDowell Rd to the border with Avondale and 95th Avenue.  There's a patchwork of AZ DOT, Tolleson City, Avondale City, and Phoenix municipal authority, and the taggers had thought they found all the loop holes.  Those loopholes are covered now, in dirt covered paint. And little boys, who don't know how to use a belt or listen to music at normal decibel levels, or hold a real job, I gotta tell you... I've got many gallons of left over paint left in my garage, I'm older, more patient, and smarter than you.   And again, if you THINK you're some kind of artist, then create some art, put it in a gallery or online, and stop defacing the public space where I live and work and shop.  I won't tolerate your BS.

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