Friday, April 15, 2011

Still Silencing Barks 15 Months Later

The Petsafe outdoor bark controller remains an awesome product.  15 months after installing it last year, it is still working great!  Last night, as Dr Desert Flower and I attempted to watch DVR'ed NBC and Comedy Central shows, the neighbor's yappin dog provoked a chorus of canine barking responses from around the neighborhood.  It had been about 3 weeks since I last changed the battery, so I pulled out a small screw driver, popped off the cover, and inserted a fully charged NiCad Radio Shack 9V battery.  INSTANTLY, the yappin dog Shut Up!  Seriously, Instantly.

When yappin dog was silenced, the chorus of hound dog to the west, and little kickin dog to the east across the street, as well as Siberian Husky puppy to the North all tapered off their barking, and could no longer be heard inside our home - windows closed to keep the pollen and dust out.

The short life of the 9Vs initially had me alarmed, as I was burning through about 1 a month.  The environmental impact and well as financial impact of consuming so many 9Vs was solved, by buying 2 re-chargeable Radio Shack batteries... and charging one while the other is silencing the neighbor's dog.

Very good stuff!

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  1. and here, in mid July, it INSTANTLY worked AGAIN. the yappin dogs retreated into their home, the moment a fresh battery was installed.



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