Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thanks Tim & Thanks Kildare's

I've recently developed a fondness for Irish Whiskey.  It was instigated by our friend Tim who visited our home in Phoenix 2 weeks ago while he was on a 3 day weekend working in San Diego (the drive is only about 5 hours).  He arrived chez nous ith a bottle of Bushmill's Iish Whiskey.  I did not pay much attention to the liquor as I've not enjoyed American whiskey very much - I do like Bourbon, but not so much for whiskey.  As I had JUST squeezed a batch of organic lemons and had my heart set on some lemonaide based drink, I poured a shot of Bushmills into my lemonade - MUCH to Tim's HORRoR! "What are you doing o that whiskey!?" he scolded me.  The Bushmills made the lemonade higher in alcohol, but it did not enhace the flavor or make it more delicious.

So this week I found myself back in Central Pennsylvania and inevitably made my way to Kildare's Irish Pub, where Tuesday night after a business dinner elsewhere, I ordered a Michael Collins Irish Whiskey, straight, no ice.  It was delicious and smooth!  Today, before returning my rental car and heading to the airport, I stopped by again since I had a spare 45 minutes.  I ordered a Bushmills straight, and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and flavorful it was. 

Irish whiskey definitely has its strong positive points.   I've not found the negative ones yeet, other than "doesn't mix well with lemonade" - but then again I've not taken more than 2 glasses at one sitting yet. Perhaps if I over-indulged, the negative effects would manifest themselves readily. 

So I ask you, the readers of JustJoeP (about 100 a day), what's your favorite Irish Whiskey?  Are there any brands "to be avoided under all circumstances"?

And Thanks Tim, for the introduction to a delightful spirit!

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