Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phoenix is # 1 Woo-Whoo!

#1 in Kidnappings, in the US... awesome! # 2 globally, right behind Mexico City, which is still number 1.
There's a youtube video, but it drags-on about a local, non-Mexican drug dealer, who threatened to kill one of his customers 3 years ago. ABC News really had to stretch (suspend disbelief and dis-engage the time-space continuum) to get that into the 7 minute piece and imply it is "current".

So far, it is drug dealer against drug dealer, mostly Mexican, or involving illegals - so far. But there are no clear geographic boundaries, as I mentioned last month, separating legals from illegals, law abiding citizens from the narco traffickers and customer base here in the Valley of the Sun. I'll have to stay locked & loaded, and remain vigilant.

Fun Fun Fun! I haven't heard automatic weapons being fired outside since last August, as I floated in the pool drinking a beer around 6pm on a Friday evening. Hopefully, it'll stay quiet. The increase in predator drone surveillance in the border lands south of Tucson, intelligence sharing, and the crack down on eager Arizona Gun Sales may start to have some positive benefits.


  1. Dunno man...I'm always tempted to go to Scottsdale and use my perfectly-legal AK-47 to kidnap dyed-blonde rich debutantes in H2's...

  2. No AK yet...that one was imaginary.


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