Sunday, March 29, 2009

Matt Stone & Trey Parker solve the world economic crisis

The new South Park Episode "Margaritaville" was beautifully poignant this week. Explained in the most rudimentary terms, with awesome examples, Stone & Parker point out Americans' hypocrisy & stupidity. Eventually, Kyle solves the crisis. Beautiful quotes from the episode include:
"He who has not bought anything frivolous, let him chuck the first squirrel!"
"Hidden all the cash in a secret Jew cave they built"
"The economy is omnipotent"
"Faith makes the economy exist"
"water and bread, and margaritas, yea"
"They took our jobs!"
"He paid for our debts, so we can spend, once more!"
"90 trillion dollars! consult the chart..."

Much better than the typical Terence & Philip fart jokes. I rank this episode up there with the Lemmiwinks and the Woodland Critter Christmas Special episodes. Blood Orgy!! Blood Orgy!! LOL!

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  1. Funny...Lemmiwinks is the perfect parable for this economy. We must make out way out of the bowels of conservative economic where's that damn cat-at-o-fish?


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