Sunday, March 8, 2009

Price Pfister over Moen, any day.

Last night, I replaced the piece of crap Moen 7400 kitchen faucet that leaked over the island counter-top since the day we moved in, with a gorgeous Price Pfister Avalon. The sub standard Moen brand was used by Pulte, the massive residential over-builder in the Phoenix area. Originally I thought - Great, "Moen, buy it for looks. Buy it for life". BS! Unless you want a life full of leaky faucets, surly customer service 800# persons who treat you poorly when you call for parts, or a nearly impossible un-install process for a crappy faucet. Then yes, get a Moen.

The Price Pfister went in relatively easily - I did not have a basin wrench, which would have been handy in a tight space. The new faucet does not leak, works well, and looks lovely. Moen's China sourced assemblies are junk, from my experience - I've replaced 2 bathroom sink faucets, a shower control fixture, and a kitchen faucet now. Price Pfister USED to be in the Los Angeles metro area (since 1910), until it was sued by environmental groups. Then it moved it's operations to Mexicali (almost within site of I-8 across the US Mexico border) in 1996. Unlike most US companies who ignorantly source parts and assemblies from China, Price Pfister has done a good job of not letting quality suffer. Highly recommended.

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