Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DIY Pool Heater - installed & working

Some adjustments were needed earlier this week, after last weekend's install. Now it's heating, with a good 5 degree delta at the output pipe. Not awesome, but not negligible. On a 15K gallon pool I anticipate, with full sun-shine, that we'll be swimming in April this year, instead of May.

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  1. Note, 7 months later:
    1) DO NOT use duct tape, or gorilla tape, or anything of the sort in areas of HIGH UV intensity. Eventually, the sun eats through it all. Use clamps.
    2) Use a steel reinforced / shielded flexible elbow or coupling when coming off the pump discharge and entering the heater circuit. I used a non-shielded 90 degree rubber bend rated fro DWV (drain waste vent, 15 psi max) and it ballooned and pulled loose of the clamps at pump discharge pressure. Don't make the same mistake. Now, with the shielded coupling, I can valve the ball-valve fully opened, running 25 psi through the heater, and there's no longer a small trickle coming out, it's approx 1/2 the circulation pump's output.


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