Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Reason To Hate the Dimbulb

Showing what a selfish niño he is, Hush Dimbulb truly wants AIG executives to get bonuses.
" I am all for the AIG bailouts, and I am all for the AIG bonuses. ...You see, ladies and gentlemen, I have all of my insurance policies, or most of my insurance policies with AIG, and it would be a hassle for me if AIG went bankrupt or if they were allowed to fail. I'm a longtime customer of AIG, and as such I have preferred pricing"

What a selfish bastard! Burn Rome, while I enjoy the next orgy. I want... no.. I Deserve mine! Me me me!!!! Selfish niño! Conversely, my massively underwater mortgage is with Shitty Bank, and I hope they go bankrupt or get nationalized, even if it would be "a hassle for me".

The link shows the Colberian pose he strikes - yes, black is a 'slimming color'. Hilarious.

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  1. There is no fabric black enough to slim down Rush Limbaugh. He should try stripes!


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