Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1/2 of All Foreclosures Are Health Care Related

Why is it important to get those without any Health Insurance on a national plan, akin to Congress's Health Care plan? 1/2 of all Home foreclosures are because families have to chose between their medical bills, or their mortgage. This is not new. Democracy Now has a piece on it here from 2005. If anyone has a link to the US Congress' Health Insurance plan, the one they voted to give themselves, please send me a link. I've looked for 20 minutes and cannot find a breakdown other than this short blurb.

Oh, and the neighbor directly behind my home abandoned their mortgage Sunday (March 1st), taking the blinds, curtains, and emptying the contents of their soon-to-be-foreclosed home. That makes 1 out of 5 properties, adjacent to mine, that has someone living in them. Great!


  1. 1 out of 5? holy cow -- is there (yet) increased crime in your area? anyone attempting to squat?

  2. Sounds like Zim's scouting for cheap new digs in AZ. Maybe squatters will be frightened away by the neighbor who smears crisco and hot pepper on his property borders.

  3. So far, no squatters. The home adjacent to me to the south just sold in a foreclosure sale for 1/2 the $350K assessed worth it had when we moved in August 07. Our Maricopa County assessment has also dropped by over $100K. the new owner lives 90 miles away, and said it'll be a year before he's fully moved in.

    The home to the north just lost it's 2nd set of renters, who skipped out without paying after 3 months. They trashed the interior - the owner's parents came by to clean it up (owner moved to S.CA with a new job 2 months after we moved in).

    Everyone's got locked gates, and there's been no vandalism so far. When I do yoga in the back yard, I hear happy children playing in the park (not gangs fighting), and only the occasional incessant sub woofer. From time to time I see nuclear families with a stroller or walking their dogs here and there, so it hasn't "gone to hell" yet.

    The robbery I witnessed across the street last November while rinsing out my pool filters on my driveway - African American teenager strolled through the neighborhood, saw a unlocked, window open Yukon SUV in a Hispanic renter's drive way, and confidently, calmly, smoothly stole the wallet from the purse on the front seat, then sauntered across the street before running like a jack rabbit when I stood up to investigate further - seems to be an isolated incident.

    Ya veremos. Il faut voir. We shall see.

    Oh - the Crisco has baked into the cinder block fence, making a fine carpet of chili powder that the intrepid feral denizens appear to walk right through. No mess, no fuss, no smell - and most importantly, fewer cats showing up in my back yard, so far.


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