Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Solar Pool Heater

all of this anti-feline peppering has got me thinking... I can design and build my own black ABS/PVC piped solar heater, mount it to the wall (with weight upon the ground, using the wall just to steady lateral loads). I heard a guy on NPR yesterday state how in Northern Michigan he has made his own solar pre-heater out of plywood and PVC that takes water from ground temp to over 100F, and then running the actual water heater costs him $5 a month in the summer, and he recouped the cost in a year. I could make such a device on a more grand scale to harness the abundant sunshine in my back yard, extending my swimming season by a month or two at both Spring and Fall!

I need to price 12ft lengths of pipe now... Ah, a new engineering project for this week!

If anyone thinks this is a stupid idea, please let me know. Comments are always welcome. Photos will be posted once the heat exchanger is installed.

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  1. Heater is installed. Of course, it is cloudy today. A 5F degree delta comes out at a trickle. Only one leak on a 1-1/2 PVC elbow that I will try and re-glue once the system drains tonight. Photos coming soon.


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