Monday, March 30, 2009

Wagoner bad. Vikram Pandit good?

I do understand how Richard Wagoner was the head of a vastly unsuccessful corporation and should step down. How is Vikram Pandit a good leader, when Shitty Bank has performed arguably much worse than GM has? Shitty Bank received BILLIONs in US Federal aid and guarantees. Why is Mr. Pandit still in place? Why is anyone still listening to him? He does not have the leadership skills to be in charge of a successful Fish & Chips franchise, much less a mega-bank.

Pandit, Richard Parsons, Gary Crittenden, Thomas Maheras, David Bushnell, have all performed spectacularly poorly for their share holders, their customers, and for the larger public and American Tax Payers as well. These are not the plumbers who are trying to undo the shoddy electrical work that burnt down the house. These oligarchs are akin to the NEMA electrical code book authors, and master electricians, who used brittle, undersized, low voltage rated, lead laced wire wiring on a 12000 KVA central distribution hub. Why aren't they unemployed like 8.1% of the US work force already is?


  1. 8.1%? More like 10%-15% if you use the measures that weren't created to allow previous administrations to fudge the numbers.

    Check this out:

  2. Yikes! Cette merde est effrayant!


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