Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Republicans hate ear marks, except their own

As I listen to grumpy, sour grapes, angry old McCain on local PHX PBS radio this morning, I am struck by how snide & bitter he is. He's blaming Obama for 9000 ear marks that are in the omnibus spending bill, 40 percent of which Republicans put in there. The NPR host pointed out that Turtle McConnell of Kentucky is one of the strongest hypocrites, loading the bill up with his own pork, and then complaining that Democrats are all to blame. STFU Mitch. John, can you sound more disgusted on the radio? Is it possible?

And the ear marks are less than 10% of the total bill - or about 2 months of Bush administration unjustified war in Iraq. Stop the whining, and pass the damn thing.

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