Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bloody, Violent, Widespread Mexican Narco War, 2006 - ?

Outside of Arizona & Texas, I am not sure how much of the US (or the rest of the world) is even remotely aware of the Narco War that is currently raging in Northern Mexico. The US State Department has warned against travel to Mexico, as well as the US Military at Fort Huachuca, Arizona University, AAA, and others. 35 Narco killings in 2006. 52 in 2007. 1100 killed in 2008. Earlier this week, the Governor of Chihuahua's motorcade was attacked by machine gun fire that killed one of his body guards. Already, in January, 100 people have already been killed in narcotics related killings have occurred in Ciudad Juarez.

"Gang-related violence has killed an estimated 5,000 people since President Felipe Calderon ordered police and 3,600 soldiers to crack down on drug cartels in December 2006." 5000 people??

There's been recent violent gun battles near the US / Mexico border, involving heavy automatic weapons fire that make the shoot out from Heat look like child's play. It's a matter of time before the violence moves further north. In fact, last June, when I was travelling (it's always when I am not home) 3 young Mexicans in body armor emptied multiple clips into a house that is less than 10 blocks from my home, and killed the man inside. I had walked right past that house on my way to a Rush Concert at Cricket Pavilion just a month prior - it's a nice neighborhood!

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  1. Stratfor has noticed it. Troublesome stuff. Haven't noticed euro press coverage, but haven't been looking.


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