Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gorilla Tape, Good Stuff!

Checking on my pool heater today, I noticed a few of the black tape straps I installed have sort of "popped up" and are not really in contact with the black tubing so much any more. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the popped up straps were the few "Duck Tape" strands I used when I ran out of Gorilla Tape. In contrast, the Gorilla Tape, is amazingly sticky, adhesive, in full contact with the heat exchanger tubing, and helping to HEAT UP even more (over 120F to the touch). I have to say, I was skeptical when I picked up the roll at the hardware store, but the Gorilla Tape is performing admirably.

And this morning, when I turned the pump and heater on at 9:05am (when the electricity goes to 1/3 price) the discharge pipe put out a moment of 55F water, into the 69F pool - ambient got chilly last night! So I valved the heater off. Full sun starts around 9am, and ends at 4:45pm, where the heater is located. When I valved it back on at 11am, the discharge temperature was 110F! Awesome! If the nights would just not get so chilly, then the residual water temp could steadily climb up through the 70s and by 80F I can swim - it's just as warm as Lake Michigan in August at that point!

Il faut voir. We shall see.


  1. No kidding

    That stuff is incredible. I used it to patch an air mattress and it worked for months. At some point the mattress broke again, but it sealed in air perfectly for several trips.

    It is simply much stickier.

  2. Hmm... Gorillas have been known to get into some sticky situations, but I have never known them to make tape...

  3. Highly effective when needing to restrain those feral humans from the forbidden zone. That darn stuff is incredibly sticky!


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