Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reagan's First 2 years

Remember the Reagan Years? Republicans now-a-days keep longing for it, opining all about their fabled larger-than-life patriarch. Well, unemployment was 9.5% during Reagan's first year. We were in a massive recession. I was headed to an all male engineering school that had a spotless record of 100% placement upon graduation (and a minimum of 2 offers per graduating senior), so I didn't think about the economy or the government too much back then - what horny teenager does?

So, all of the doomsayers who are impatiently demanding President Obama save them from their own stupidity, look back at your idol, Reagan, and see what he inherited, the tax cuts he rolled back, and massive government spending he pushed - bankrupting the Soviet Union, back then [caution, link is to NRA Online, for those who are allergic to such things]. Keep in mind how bad off things were, and how much better they got.

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