Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Glacial Pace - not so slow anymore

James Balog's team has been taking extreme time lapse photos and video of ice canyons (that resemble Utah's Canyon Lands, but in white and sapphire), calving glaciers, ice quakes, moulin drainage... amazing stuff, of the few remaining glaciers in the world. It'll be on Nova next Tuesday.

I am curious to hear what my friend Jason has to say about this work, as he's taken extensive and stunning Canyonland photos.

No, there's no such thing as global warming. It's to be mocked, and derided, and all of the evidence - satellite, photographic, atmospheric - it's all bogus. One of my earliest critics, who loves his Hummer, believed it was all a myth!

3 foot sea level rise in the next 50 years - buh bye Miami, Charleston, NYC (lower Manhattan), Philly, New Orleans, Dhaka, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Saigon, etc.


  1. Global warming is indeed a myth - just like evolution!

  2. Dr Z, have you ever contributed to the wiki Sacred Scroll site:

    Or do you not trifle with such human generated sites? =)


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