Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Open Window Day of the Fall

It got down into the upper 70s today here in the afternoon, so I opened up the windows chez nous.  The light breeze brought no nasty industrial dairy farm smells wafting towards West Phoenix, so it was remarkably pleasant.  First time I did yoga pool-side since Q2 earlier this year.

"Relative humidity is 28%.  Partly cloudy, and 78, here on K-Jazz."

Supposed to get down into the upper 50s tonight..  that'll be much cooler than the rest of September and October put together.

Hummingbirds were going nuts over all the blooming lavender in the back yard, and one of the aloes that I put in a Big pot has sent out a massive flower stem shoot, long before the plants that are in the ground have sent any shoots up this year.

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