Monday, October 31, 2011

What Percent Are You?

As I'm surrounded by millions of temporarily embarrassed millionaires, I ask you:  "What percentage of the US wealth landscape are you?"  Well, that liberal bastion, the Wall Street Journal, has a calculator where you can find out (link here).

And if you are indignant that you "pay your fair share while so many others don't pay anything in taxes", I recommend the following Kiplinger's sites, that show you how much you make, and what percentage of Americans make as much as you do, and what percentage of the total tax revenue you represent.

Links here: "How do you stack up?"
and here: "Where do you rank?"

Surprised are you?   Millions or Americans are, since they have a "fact allergy".

As Jon Stewart and Colbert have both pointed out, we can take a few more percent from the richest Americans who can most afford it to close the budget gap, OR, take 100% of everything that the poorest 25% of Americans make, every penny they earn, and it won't even match up to 1/2 as much as a 3% tax hike on the richest Americans would bring in.  But like EVERY numb-skull running for the Republican nomination, they wall want to "broaden the tax base".  Yes, geniuses, tax the poorest Americans more who can barely feed themselves, and leave the richest "job creators" alone so that the poorest have to work harder at staying alive while the richest can think harder about perhaps someday, maybe, creating a job perhaps, if it fancies them and they haven't found a better off-shore tax haven into which to put their money.


  1. It's amusing that those calculators favor the #OWS argument...even though they fail to take into account that simply entering an income number and applying regular income tax rates to it tells only 1/4 the story...those calculators don't seem to include regressive payroll taxes, sales taxes, fees, and the special separate tax system of carried interest and capital gains that many rich people use to pay a lower effective tax rate than most of the middle class.

    The 1% warped the system so badly that even their own skewed "proof" points that ignore inconvenient facts show how unbalanced and warped our economic order is.

    Now if only the 99% could remember how to make molotovs...but they offshored those jobs years ago.

  2. Pickles, Olives, and other food stuffs come in jars with 1/2 turn metal lids. I was saving the empties for recycling, but earlier this year, I started to retain them. I've also got alot of shop rags, and a 5 gallon can of spare gas.

    The Finn's, who had no love of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, coined the term "Molotov Cocktail" as a 'drink to go with the bread' ('bread' being the bombs the soviets dropped on the Finns during WWII).

    I've yet invested in new pitch forks... but I've got 2 already.


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