Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Explaining Occupy, Simply

Diane Rehm's program this morning just had a wonderful, calm, sane, detailed, fact filled, hour long discussion about The Occupy Movement [Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Baltimore / Occupy Roanoke / Occupy K Street, etc].  Link here to read, Link here to listen.  It DID NOT focus on the outrageous, easily ridiculed and easily dismissed fringe elements that all of Rupert Murdoch's empire repeatedly depicts. 

"Why Occupy Wall Street is Now More Popular Than the Tea Party" - one of Diane's finest shows.

I am going to be sending this to all of my relatives, friends, and acquaintances who label the Occupy movement as
-"get a job you lazy bums!"
- "wealth redistributionists"
- "socialists"
- "un-American"
and in response to them when they say "as soon as the weather gets cold, they're going to all go back home and back to school". 

Maybe some of them will...  but many of the unemployed, retired, disillusioned, and motivated members of the movement will not give up so easily.

For our part, Dr Desert Flower and I will be taking the Occupiers some supplies this weekend - nuts, soup, dried fruit, trash bags, sanitary hand wipes, rice, coffee, tea, etc.   At least here in Phoenix, they won't have to deal with snow this Winter... but they will have to deal with Capital Police arrests and fines.
In Phoenix, part of the libertarian South West, many Tea Party members have joined ranks with the Occupy movement, peacefully, to show a united front against corporate greed & plutocracy - not quite what the Koch brothers and Dick Armey intended.  =)

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