Friday, October 28, 2011

Scott Olsen's Condition Improving

Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who was standing, in his Iraq war fatigues, with a flag, next to a navy veteran at the Occupy Oakland protest against corporate greed and a plutocracy accountable only to its well funded masters, is stable condition after brain surgery, NPR is reporting.  Brain surgery that he needed after an Oakland Police tear gas canister fired at his head knocked him to the ground, where other protesters ran TO aid him.  Unfortunately, when the other protesters ran to him, Oakland Police then fired a concussion grenade which exploded not far from Olsen's injured head.  The video shows it here.

Yes, Scott Olsen volunteered to serve his country in the military, in an unjustified war, during a period of unprecedented economic decline and rampant unemployment, and made it back to his country alive, without being killed by an Iranian or Pakistani engineered IED, only to have an angry, frightened, poorly trained member of law enforcement shoot a tear gas canister at his head, and another at his wounded body.

Scott Olsen was not an unemployed "bum".  No, he was employed at a Bay Area technology firm.  Unlike many of his fellow returning brothers in arms, he had a job, but was standing peacefully with the protesters, holding a flag that said, of all terrible things "Iraq Veterans For Peace" - how despicable of him!  Doesn't he know that he was fighting a holy jihad, launched with genuine, iron clad justification to liberate Iraqi citizens from their oil?   er, I mean, their dictator?

But I am pleased to hear that his neurosurgeons are saying his condition is improving substantially, and saddened that it was in the US that he was severely injured, while protesting peacefully.

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