Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Other 98%

My buddy Joe M posted these gems a few days ago, one from "The Other 98%"and one from the Rocky Mountain News.  Excellent stuff.  Tip of the hat to Ducati Joe.
The pathetic attempts by hard core tea baggers to try and label Occupy Wall Street protesters with corporate references, show just how misguided the tea baggers are.  Everything in the photo above, that are pointed out, are paid for with tax payer money.  Everything in the misguided corporate liaison labeled images  are paid for by the citizen, but are produced (quite often, depending on the consumer) by multinational corporations who pay little or no taxes.  Ah yes, only the informed understand that irony.

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  1. "Cut taxes not defense". Ummm... More than 1/2 of your tax dollars go toward defense, dumbass.


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