Friday, October 28, 2011

Danke Deutschland Bundestag

The non-elites of the world, the 99% of us who have not extended credit in fictional financial inventions to Greece, Italy, Spain, and the rest of indebted Euro Zone thank the German Bundestag for having a heart and providing some form - however temporary - of debt relief to Greece this week. 

Now, the 99% of us can continue to stock up on canned goods, ammo, pitch forks, torches, duct tape, face masks, grain alcohol, old jars (with which to make hurl-able cocktails), batteries, generators, spare gas cans, dried fruit, coffee, tea, storage containers of water, candles, etc... for a few more months..  or years... before the next world wide Depression.   A Republican in the White House in 2013 will accelerate that process with removal of all regulations - repealing even the impotent ones that are in place now.

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