Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Approacheth

7 more hours until Trick or Treaters begin to arrive.  I am looking forward to seeing little kids in costumes having fun.   I am Not looking forward to seeing teenagers with pillow case in hand and no costume who are demanding candy - impotent little thugs whose parents have failed miserably.

I'm hoping Dr Desert Flower doesn't work all the way through dusk and past candy hours as she has every year since we moved here... but... that's the life of a medical researcher.

Around our front door, there's little spiders who have built tiny webs in the corners and contours.   As I was cleaning up the front yard and front door last weekend, I intentionally left the webs there, to help build "ambiance"  =)

For those who don't "believe in Halloween" or don't "support it", that's fine.  Good for you.  Just please do not proselytize to me or anyone I know about how you consider Halloween to be "evil", the "work of the devil", and do not try to push "Jesus-ween" on me.  If I were a kid who was given a Bible[TM] at a trick-or-treat door, I would grab the Bible[TM], scream as if I was being burnt, and throw it to the ground.  If I was the parent of a child who received a Bible while trick or treating, I'd begin to "speak in tongues", and accusing the people in the home of being heretics, and then quoting Revelation and Jeremiah to them angrily.   ...but my son is no longer anywhere near to being of trick or treating age  =)

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