Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Support: Port-a-potties

Yesterday, I searched for a good hour on Google to try and find some site, somewhere, where Dr Desert Flower and I could donate to a fund that would supply Port-a-potty Rental Toilets to the "Occupy Everywhere" protesters.  As The Daily Show lampooned, the protesters are aggravating local businesses to urinate and defecate day after day during the protests.  Many of the protesters have little or no money to buy something at each store - and with unemployment as high as it is with hiring freezes nearly everywhere, I can understand and sympathize with the situation of "no money to patronize a local business" the protesters have. 

But I want them to continue to be able to protest against bank bail outs, against bought and owned politicians, against the plutocratic malaise that has gripped this country.  If they were holding protests in Phoenix (as they will Friday and Saturday this week) I'd take them water and food, but that still doesn't solve the "disposal of human waste" problem (and in fact, makes it worse, if the protesters are fed and well hydrated).  So in New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Des Moines, Los Angeles, Portland, and dozens of other cities in the US where the protesters number in the 100s or 1000s, why can't a Port-a-potty rental company be contracted to bring portable toilets to the protest areas?   If there was a fund to support it, I'd happily donate (since I am isolated by geography).  An RV won't work, as the tank is limited, and navigating a large RV through a major metropolitan area is extremely difficult.

Yes, there would be issues with permitting, and "where" to put the portable toilet, but this is America, and we are creative people.  The toilets have to be delivered by truck or trailer.  The protesters could occupy several parking spaces for a large truck to park, and each person with a full bladder or descending colon could hop on, do their business in a sanitary way, and then hop off for the next protester.  Sure, it would not be ADA compliant, but it would still serve 99% of the protesters very well.

If any JustJoeP readers / followers / visitors know of a friend, relative, acquaintance who has a portable toilet rental business in a major city where Occupy protests are on-going, please have them email me at JustJoePblog at gmail dot com.  Likewise, if anyone has heard of a legitimate donation web site where sympathetic individuals can support the cause in a sanitary, useful, meaningful way like port-a-potty rentals, where protesters are not burdening local businesses and fostering ill-will while inspiring negative media coverage, please let me know.

And if there are businesses that are letting protesters use the bath rooms, PATRONIZE those businesses, clean up after yourselves, and make as little negative impact on those sympathetic business as possible, please!


  1. Port a potties for Democracy!... I just got this started

    Please, spread the word. If you are interested in helping out, I could use a hand contacting the companies locally.

  2. is proud to be serving in DC!


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