Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smithers, Release The Hounds

And as a message to those "53%'ers"'re corporate America's wet dream.  You "work 3 jobs and still can't pay your bills, but you don't blame corporations." Really?  Go back to watching "Dancing with the Stars", Ultimate Fighting, NASCAR, or playing your video games, or maybe get a 4th job, and continue your indentured servitude.  You're never going to get ahead, because the system is rigged against you.  And you're so bad at math, you haven't figured it out yet.

You were not born into inherited 1% wealth, you didn't get an awesome education (with federal student aid) to land a spectacular job, and you're not going to win the World Series of Poker or the Power Ball lottery - but you'd need to be good at math to realize those last two, wouldn't you?  Your net worth and earned wages will continue to dwindle, as the 1% win the class warfare they're very successfully waging against the other 99%.

And you think that the "47% who don't pay taxes" make enough money to pay their rent comfortably? To eat nutritional foods? You think they can afford health care?  (LOL!) You think they're a bunch of free loading, welfare getting, lazy minorities do you?  Yeah, I used to think that too, until I was about 32 years old, and my wife, Dr Desert Flower, went to work at DSS (Department of Social Services) in South Carolina, tracking down dead beat dads. Guess what?  The dads were mostly white, uneducated, red necks.  Go figure.  Then, the longer I studied the issue and read about it, I came to find out, 90% of the "47%" are kids, students, grand parents, the working poor who can't find a nice job with health care and benefits or a pension, the homeless, the mentally ill, the recently fired.  You don't know any of them, do you, 53%'ers?  I do.  I know many of them.  I've worked with them, volunteered with them, lived next door to them, broken bread with them, and I am related to some of them.

And yes, a small percentage of the 47% who get all their Federal Tax refunded are minorities, but don't worry, in a few years, Caucasians will be minorities in America too. 

When that tide turns, do you really want to be on the side of the richest, greediest, dwindling minority of the super rich white people left?  You think Mr Burns is going to employ all of you? (LOL!)

Or do you want to stand with us, the 99%?

And lastly, since "corporations are people", shouldn't those corporations (by your own logic) be paying taxes, as good citizens?   Your logic is deeply flawed, fifty three percenters.  Do you have any idea of how blatantly hypocritical you are being?

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