Thursday, October 27, 2011

Koch Brothers Funded Study PROVES Climate Change IS REAL

The Koch Brothers debunk Fox News created "controversy" that Hannity, Beck, and Murdoch's other minions propagated, where they tried to obfuscate the FACTS that Climate Change Is Real.

Well, it took the Daily Show (link to "Weathering Fights" here) to highlight this.

Richard Muller, the Berkeley Physics Professor embarked in an extensive research study to try and "prove" that Global Warming was an inflated lie, propagated by liberal scientific elites.  The Koch brothers funded the study.  Last week, Mueller published an op ed in the Wall Street Journal - you know, that liberal rag - in which he said "Global Warming is real" (link here). 

"Without good answers to all these complaints, global-warming skepticism seems sensible. But now let me explain why you should not be a skeptic, at least not any longer." - R.Muller, WSJ, 21Oct2011

It is pathetic and despicable that main stream media (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Bloomberg, BBC, etc) and right wing media (Fox and all of Murdoch's Newscorp empire) failed to cover this or highlight this with even a fraction of the amount of conflated coverage they devoted to "Climate Gate" 2 years ago.

There is no debate, there is no "uncertainty", the FACTS are that climate change is real, global warming is real, and the Koch Brothers funded research that proves it is real - even though they hoped (and prayed, maybe?) that Muller's research would prove it is "made up", contrived, exaggerated, part of some "natural cycle" or "God's will".

Believe it or not, Science relies on facts and peer review from other scientists.  Science doesn't care what you believe, because it is not a belief system.  It's a factual basis for exploring the Universe.

And after the opening segment, Aasif Mandvi talked to a complete idiot from Fox News, Noelle Nikpour,  who nearly made Dr Desert Flower's head explode, where Global Warming, Evolution, and the HPV vaccination were criticized as "scamming the American people" (link here) in a segment called "Science - What's It Up to?".    I laughed heartily at the idiocy Nikpour recited, perfectly rehearsed Republican talking points, but DDF started to become physically ill the longer we watched it.  It was a perfect example of how America is sliding deeper into the intellectual and competitive chasm of Idiocracy.

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