Monday, October 24, 2011

E Much More Than A

I just finished watching the painful DVR of Sunday Night Football, where the New Orleans Saints wiped up the stadium with the Indianapolis Colts.  7 to 62, the Colts lost, making it their 7th loss in a row.  Ouch.

PEyton Manning has severe neck injuries that have prevented him from playing for the Colts, leaving them leaderless, quarterback-less, and lifeless.

Sean PAyton, the coach for the Saints, was apparently not missed, as his team easily routed Indianapolis in the New Orleans Superdome.  Sean PAyton played as quarterback for the Chicago bears in 1989, and then Ditka and the Bears let him go.  He's proven himself to be a MUCH better coach than he ever was a player.  Last week, PAyton's tibia was shattered when he was accidentally tackled/clobbered on the side lines by his own tight end Jimmy Graham during a game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers October 16th.  Assistant coach Joe Vitt who coached Sunday night showed that PAyton was not as necessary to his team's success as the lack of a PEyton was on the playing field.

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