Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chakana Torrontes

Last week on my return flight, I discovered an unexpected Argentinian white wine, Chakana Torrontes Mendoza. 

I'd asked for a white Bordeaux to go with my salad, salmon, and chicken, but the nice flight attendant apologized and said the menus were calling out wines they no longer carried, and offered the Torrontes instead.  I tried it, and was very pleasantly surprised.  Notes of Apricot, Vanilla, and a Carmel smoothness made this a very enjoyable wine. There was only the tiniest hint of citrus, that did not overwhelm, but did linger on the tongue after each sip.  I really have no affinity for grapefruit juice sauvignon blancs - as are typical of every New Zealand sauvignon blanc I've ever tasted - but this Argentinian discovery delivered nicely.  I attempted to take a photo of the bottle in-flight in the galley, but the lighting was not optimal.  You can see a much better image of it here (link).  Under $15, this is a wonderful bottle of white.

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