Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She Sheila

Back in the early 80s, my friends and I formed a band, and played some songs in garages and basements.  I never played with them publicly, but they all went off to Purdue after High School and played their own songs as Teeth and The Man and other iterations.  But before those West Lafayette incarnations came into being, we played originals and covers, by groups like The Producers, Bad Manners, Rush, Devo, and others as the progenitor known as Idiot Savant.  Unlike The Producers, we had TWO keyboardists, not just one, and neither of our keyboardists were bald. =P  We also didn't look half as cool or mass-marketable in white T-shirts as The Producers did, but Dr Desert Flower did seem to be drawn to the drummer in white shorts, much like The Producers drummer Bryan Holmes can be seen wearing in the first minute of the video - LOL!

Other classic originals that we pioneered were "Boosabah", "Daddy's a Mortician", and "Drum".  It's hard to go back 30 years in one's memory, to try and recall this stuff, unrehearsed... but it's good mental exercise. Sniffff... sniffff... inhale... what's that burning smell?  Are those synapses firing?


  1. What a lovely intro. Had forgotten all about this song.

  2. the intro IS catchy and pleasant... but I think this perception is a generational thing. Most kids under 25 or 30 do not seem to usually have an affinity for keyboard synthesizer music, preferring the generic 'auto tune', sampling, and wiki-wiki pablum instead.

    I am glad I could help refresh long unused synapses.


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