Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watch, Don't Play Cricket

I think I prefer to watch cricket being played, as opposed to trying to play it myself.   Especially when playing with young co-workers, most of whom are young enough to be my sons (if I lived in Arkansas or Alabama, and never graduated from a high fertility high school) - several actually are as old as my son!
These Were iron-free 34 inch waist cotton pants that I really liked... Dr Desert Flower didn't like the 'cut' of them on me - she seems to have a "cheap clothes from Target" radar that is extremely accurate, and prefers Calvin, Perry Ellis,and other designer stuff on her husband that we find on massive sale (60% off, then an additional 20% off sorts of sales).  Now I have something I can wear as I work in the yard or in the garage - all of my other work-around-the-house pants were 38 and 40 waists, which were annoyingly baggy.

A week later, the palm of my hand is healed up, the knee is all scabbed up and healing nicely.  The liquid gelled alcohol Purell I applied to my knee in the Bangalore hotel brought a new level of topical pain that I'd been previously, blissfully, unaware.  I was glad that I took a tube of topical antibiotic ointment and latex free band-aids as well, to avoid a nasty staph infection. 

So the next chance I get to PLAY Cricket, I will refrain and instead, WATCH it and enjoy a cool refreshing drink instead.


  1. Cricket is best played on grass.

  2. the field was 'mostly' grass. I just tripped on a sandy / rocky part. And though I FEEL 25, my athletic abilities are not 20 years younger. =)


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