Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paul Ryan,Ideological Lunatic

I am not economic expert, but my good friend Ron reads many sound source documents on critical fiscal issues, and I trust his judgment and perspective.  He's got a recent post (link here) that focuses on a Forbes article which gave me the 'take away' that media darling Paul Ryan, the 'face man' of the Republican house budget, is an Ideological fiscal lunatic.  Ryan's belief system is based not on fact or history, but on flawed ideology,  And I am getting very tired of seeing his face plastered all over the place in print.  He's a pipsqueak, physically, mentally, and morally (he's not a 'social conservative', he's a advocate of returning to the Gilded Age of robber barons).. 

But who and I to judge his flawed economic theory as lunacy? I'm not a conservative magazine founded by a billionaire.

Tip of the hat to Ron for his ever vigilant insight, in pulling out true gems from the fire-hose stream of media information.

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  1. For more in-depth economic blogging, I heartily recommend our friend The Traders Crucible


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