Monday, May 30, 2011

Hangover 1/2

The new Hangover 2 movie is NOT "the funniest movie ever!" or "outrageously hilarious" or "even funnier than the first one!"  Reviewers who have said that need to be shot (in the knee caps or gonads perhaps), or draw and partially quartered, or just lose their jobs as reviewers and instead become stockers at Walmart.  Yes, Hangover 2 is funny, but it is not funnier than the original The Hangover.  Nor is it funnier than Bridesmaids.  It should have been called "Hangover 1/2" instead of "Hangover 2".  It's yet another case of over-hyping a movie in an attempt to win HUGE box office opening weekend sales.  If the movie were that AWESOME, it would speak for itself.  Marketing assholes, ugh!

I think some of my disdain stems from the unbelievability of the premise.  Fly to Thailand for a wedding... do narcotics, sell narcotics, deal narcotics in a country with some of he toughest anti-narcotics laws on the planet and not a single law enforcement person shows up or cares?  Kidnap an invalid from far outside of town where taxis do not travel? (hijacking a drugged tiger in a police car was more believable) Having US cell phones work seamlessly in Thailand without even the slightest difficulties?  Plan the demise of the non-wolf-pack interloper impromptu when there was no warning whatsoever that said interloper was going to be attending the wedding before arriving at the airport?  It doesn't make sense, and without that "believability" factor, it doesn't get my vote for "hilarious".  Yes, there were some funny and embarrassing and awkward moments in the movie, but as a vehicle, it fell far short of hyped up expectations.

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