Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wiig's Bridesmaids Very Funny

Dr Desert Flower wanted to follow Jon Stewart's advice and see Bridesmaids last night, so we took the convertible out to the local movie theater and caught the late show.  Theater was packed and we had to sit in the 3rd row, which was a unusual optical experience akin to IMAX - but the movie was surprisingly well written, and painfully funny in many places.  A bit over-the-top from time to time, but as funny, or funnier than The Hangover in many places.  Kristen Wiig is lovely and hilarious.  None of her annoying SNL characters appeared or were hinted at here, thankfully!  Several scenes had me holding my head and wanting to hide my eyes in a "they're not really going to do THAT, are they?"  I never knew that trying on bridesmaids' dresses could be so incredibly funny!  There's several shirtless shots of Jon Hamm, for the ladies (and for hopelessly unrealistic gay men too, I guess), who plays a completely irredeemable douche.  The credits played the Wanda Jackson version of Vince Taylor's "Shakin All Over", but I could not find a non-live version of Wanda's cover, so I'll attach the original here.

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