Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still Hard To Find A Bad Saint - Saint-Véran

It's hard to find a bad saint. Even a white one.  On the flight form Paris to Bangalore lastokend, they served Saint-Véran Veilles Vignes 2008 Christophe Cordier, Bourgogne Blanc.  The Bourgogne region makes excellent burgundies as a rule, and the Saint-Véran was no exception.  Adjacent to Saint Amour, the Saint-Véran was crisp, light, dry, and delicious.   I had it with the fish (Colin Grille Vinaigrette A La Cive, mmmmm) and it complimented quite well.

As it is unlikely that Air France would have 2 entirely different wines for TO and FROM Bangalore flights, I am looking forward to enjoying this vintage Wednesday night on my return trip.  For a red selection, they offered a Bordeaux Rouge Medoc Chateau Haut Conndissas 2007 Jean Guyon.  A Merlot & Cabernet blend, with Petite Verdot mixed in as well, this was an enjoyable wine, even though the crew serving it was less than cordial. 

The digestifs ere Cognac Tesseron lot no. 90 "XO Selection"  which was a delicious Cognac, but was not really a XO.  I've found XOs to overwhelm my nasal passages and this one definitely didnt do that.  They also had a Armagnac available - Calvados hors d'age.  It was fine from what I can recall, but nothing remarkable.  (Note: Not Available in coach or economy plus)...but at 26 hours flying time, I'll be in Business Class.

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