Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pune Warriors Lose to Mumbai Indians

Pune (pronounced Poon-Aye) Warriors lost to the Mumbai Indians last night in Indian Professional League Cricket (link here), 139 to 160.  I relished reporting this to my colleagues in Atlanta and  Greenville this evening after hearing that "my Lakers lost" from one of my co-workers in Atlanta (not "my" Lakers, but "his" Lakers, since I could give a rat's ass about basketball, except when thee Bulls did a 5-peat, and that was only because I was from Chicago and Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen played for them).  The Irony of having an Indian Cricket team called thee "Indians" was lost on everyone.  Where's  the New York Americans?  There's even a team called the Kings, and another called the Super Kings (well, take THAT, Kings!)..  The slang term for Pune in American English was NOT lost on the Bangalorians I explained it subtly to.

The Indians LOVE cricket, more than the Scottish love football (yeah, don't call it soccer).  The media coverage of Cricket - instant replay, all Caucasian cheerleaders (shown at every commercial), in-depth analysis, elegantly dressed 'on the field female reporter, 2 matches a night - and arcane rules - max 4 foreign players per 11 man team,, carrying your bat to the next wicket, hitting a 6, knocking over wickets, hitting a 4, 20 overs, bowling - make it more than a curiosity for a thinking / non drunk spectator. 


  1. It was a Twenty20 match? Those are a blast. I heartily recommend going to one if you get the chance.

    The bulls won 6 titles. It was double 3-peats.

    Also "soccer" is a British word, not an American word. It winds up the Brits, so I encourage its use.

  2. yep, 20 overs each side. It seems that they play one "early" match that runs as people are heading home 6 to 9 pm, and a 2nd match that starts minutes afterward with 2 entirely different teams, from 9 to midnightish, every day of the week. I've been watching the end of the first and beginning of the 2nd each night at dinner. It's broadcast ubiquitously - anywhere a person can sit down in a public place to eat or wait, there's a cricket match on a screen.

    "Winds up" - in a well received good way? or in a provoking, jabbing way?

  3. Should be in a well-received way. Once someone attempts to correct you, you can give them an etymology lecture, explaining that "soccer" was short for "association football" (which adhered to a specific set of rules), and was used to distinguish it from other flavors/rule-sets of football, e.g. rugby football.

  4. thank you sir

    I proved this afternoon that I am a TERRIBLE bowler, giving up three 4s and two 6s, before attempting to field a ball, falling down, ripping my trouser leg, and sustaining a bleeding knee injury, elbow scuff and hand's palm "pebble embed". Old men should not attempt to play cricket with co-workers 1/2 their age. Ouch.

    Good thing I carry antibiotic cream and band aids in my luggage - BSA Scout First Class, be prepared. =) (I just never got a cricket merit badge)


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