Monday, May 30, 2011

Luggage Smiley Faces To Put TSA At Ease

Inspired by my buddy Ron's "tin foil" suggestion, I created luggage insert cards out of coins, some scotch tape, and an old envelope today.  I'll be inserting themi into my luggage in both the outside pockets downward facing) and sides (side cscan visible) so that TSA knows that
i) I understand how radiography works
ii) I am not a threat
iii) I understand how boring it can be to look at x-rays of luggage ALL Day
Dr Desert Flower and I will be going to Chicago this weekend for a cancer conference with her worrk, and I'll have these inserted into our luggage.  We'll see what kind of effect they have, if any.

And if ou want to hang out with DDF and I (and you don't already work with her) just email me at justjoepblog at gmail dot com, and we can try and set up some kind of get-together for blog followers who are in the Chiago areea if there's time and interest in doing so.


  1. And a new art form was born....

  2. I felt very 'Martha Stewart-y' as I taped these.


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