Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rubbing MSNBC Into Republican Faces

As I sip wine - A delicious screw top Southern French Carignan (2009 vin de pays des Cotes Catalanes, indication geographique protegee, from Total Wine, $9 a bottle) - I am still chuckling about my earlier work out in the hotel's small but useful exercise room.  The Hampton Inn here in Greenville has one tread mill, one step machine, one recumbent bike, and one poorly maintained weight machine (it squeaks loudly, pulleys stick, and has some knobs missing for adjustments).  It ALSO has a 30-some inch HD TV on the wall in front of the treadmill and step machine. 

Usually, the TV is tuned to FOX and just being in the weight room is either unbearable, or outrageously hilarious, depending on what is on.  But tonight, when I entered, Chris Matthews was talking about quitter 1/2 term governor and talk show guest Sarah Palin, he was followed by the snarky and snide Cenk Uygur.   Cenk is MSNBC's version of 'a smarter Hannity' or a 'more sarcastic O'Reilly' ... but I don't enjoy watching him.  HOWEVER, as I walked uphill at 1 degree inclines, at 5 mph, and then jogged a few miles at 6 mph, a series of stereotypical South Carolina Republicans walked in, worked out for a few minutes, decided they couldn't take the MSNBC feed, and left.  How did I ID them as "stereotypical South Carolina Republicans"?   There were the golf shirts that several wore, to work out in.  The paunch guts from drinking beer and eating lots of carbs while getting little or no exercise, on pasty white middle aged frames.  The indignant looks on their faces at the laughter I produced at negative (but truthful) comments CM made about Palin helped to give them away.  The storming out after 2 or 3 minutes of a non-work out, clinched it.

Now, this is the hotel that keeps Fox  on the lobby, 24/7 - providing hilarity when I refill hot water into my tea from time to time.  Greenville is the buckle of the Bible belt, with Bob Jones "University" located here, and 1/2 a dozen "christian" colleges in the area, solidly Red State, so I really enjoyed the disdain I drew from those who hate MSNBC, perhaps inordinately.  Glee comes in many forms.

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