Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What the Flax?

I'm sorry, but tiny bags of flax seed crackers are NOT worth $8 a bag.  At the Central Farmer's Market last Saturday, I picked up a bag of Rosemary Garlic and a bag of Banana Raisin Currant "Raging Raw" Organic flax seed crackers.  I thought these were going to be $4 a bag, but when I handed over a Andrew Jackson, I was handed back four George Washingtons. Hmmmm.  Checking "Raging Raw's" website here, one can easily see that these are indeed $8 a bag.
To give you an example of how "BIG" these 5 ounce "Large Bags" were, I've compared them to a normal apple, and to a $1.99 bag of delicious Trader Joe's Pita Chips (6 ounce size).  Yes, the banana chips are tasty, slightly sweet, and as a breakfast snack, are fine.  The rosemary garlic flavor Dr Desert Flower does not like.  They have an "interesting" flavor, and I laid out 4 large "chips" on a plate, covered them with Swiss Gruyere cheese, heated, and made delicious nachos.  Yes, the flax chips ARE gluten free, vegan, raw, wheat free, high protein, and high in fiber, But at $8 a bag?  I'm sorry, we won't be buying any more.  We could have gotten 8 bags of Trader Joe's pita chips for the same amount of cash - what we would have done with 8 bags, I cannot imagine. 

I do enjoy flax - ground flax, flax flour (thanks Ame!), makes an excellent "thickener" for thin soups, and the Omega 3s included in flax is wonderful.  I could buy organic, pasture raised beef for alot less than these flax chips, and get more protein from a gluten free, wheat free, organic, raw source.


  1. yeah, and the added massive dose of "fiber" caused other rages as well... lol!


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