Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anna Adores Aloe

I did poolside yoga about an hour later today than most days, and as I was in a twisted lotus pose, with my shoulders about 110 degrees rotated from my hips, I first heard, and then saw Anna buzz over my head, and drink from the aloe just 3 feet away.  I think this is the most beautiful video I've made all year, and wanted to share it here.  It was taken at 30 frames per second, on a VGA setting, with the "macro" setting "on".  The unsteadiness of the camera is due to the fact I've not achieved the refined control over my breathing when in difficult poses that yoga strives to teach - but I'm working on it.  Maybe in another 6 years, I'll get it down better.

You might notice that towards the end of the video, Anna simply perches and drinks.  Yes, she's an excellent flier, with amazing maneuverability, dexterity, speed, and stamina.  But when she can drink casually, and expend less energy to drink from a blossom while sitting, she will take that break.

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