Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anna's Warm Place In The Sun

My girl friend Anna understands the concept of radiant heat transfer, conduction, passive solar heating, and that our cats are indoor felines who won't be attempting to "hunt" her outside.  This window's upper framing ledge, visible from our living room, is directly over the South facing Master Bedroom window.  6 feet below, and about 2 feet behind Anna, one of our cats is slumbering in the sun as well, getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. 

In the summer time, the radiant heat that pours off this stucco/concrete wall (common throughout the Phoenix valley in residential construction) can be felt about 3 feet away, akin to an oven.  In a 40F ambient (as was the case when this photo was taken) the radiant heating was detectable to about a foot away.  I am glad to be able to provide warm sanctuary to my tiny, avian, lovely little girl friend.

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